Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some Images Of My Last Solo Exhibition.

A browse through some of my larger works from last years solo exhibition (click on to enlarge).

Medicine Chest II: Specimen.

Medicine Chest I: Spectacle.

Escape Artist I.

Escape Artist II.

Weight Bearing.


All Is Vanity.

will add some more later.....

Saturday, February 21, 2015


A great opening night at BLAZE 9 - the CCAS annual emerging artist showcase. As usual at these events the highlight - besides the art - is the people that you meet. All enthusiastic about art in it's many, varied forms. I was happy with the feedback my work got and pleased that the work communicated my intentions with a level of success. Also interesting to see the audience interact with the work in ways I hadn't predicted. For example going right up to the most recent work - Medicine Chest III: Subversion - to look through the holes light was seeping out of. That's 250 plus watts of light they were looking right into.

Some work above by Daniel Savage. I saw some intersection in his work of themes I use in my own, for example disability identity theory. The night was such a gab fest though I never got the chance to introduce myself.

R and I after the show still ready (unusually for me) to party on.

( Online catalogue for Blaze 9 found HERE. )

Monday, February 16, 2015

Deadline Met.

So here I am, post Feb 13, the day that felt like it would never arrive. That is post deadline. There is always so much more than I anticipate to the work I decide to create and so I am always making under of pressure. There does seem to be a failure of judgement somewhere along the line. Or is this what it is like for all artists? I don't know how realistic this is but my idea for the next exhibition is to make the work and then approach the galleries instead of the other way around. Even though I just this moment had a vision of me sitting at home surrounded by my big heavy sculptures making desperate phone calls. So optimistic.

Anyway the date is set for this one so feel free to come along BLAZE number 9. Details HERE.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Salvaged lead is my latest great discovery to get excited about. Bought in sheets by the weight (indescribably heavy, I struggled to get a small roll of it to the car). I can see myself using this for a while to come. The magic is in it's pliability. It's really soft and can be cut with general use scissors. Also of course the patina.

This duality is fascinating to me - heaviness as a strength and a weakness - as though at a certain point it might not support it's own weight. I intend to use it in form as the 'Marquee' /circus element for Medicine Chest III as well as the first aid cross (see top image) signalling the decline of liberal individualist democracy, a social order giving way to it's own weight as the illusions and fantasies (regarding the self determining individual) which underwrite it make themselves known for what they are.

Importantly it also has the rusted and raw industrial patina of urban decay symbolic of anarchy.

Another great discovery: in my fathers garage - these hole punch tools which are for paper or leather but to work on the lead.

A dilemma still: to use textiles or not?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jayne's House.

Just a small selection of the detail photos I took when visiting the home of Jayne and Kevin and their two teenage sons. Such an amazing house, but then what do you expect from an interior designer and architect? The beautiful use of natural materials, exposed brick detail and salvaged furniture. What I hadn't bet on though was the modesty - for example how weird is it to discover someone you've known for sixteen years is a talented sculptor/shortlisted for art prize photographer/collector and just basically all round impressive artist? I mean hasn't the guy heard of social media - online networks where you MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS YOU ARE A STAR????? Not to worry Kevin, I'm about to showcase your work to the world on the world's loneliest, least visited blog....

Detail of garden sculpture using copper piping and lead roof sheeting.

Collection of spent bullet cartridges lining a shelf in the study alcove in one of the coolest assemblage of a salvage collection I've ever seen.

Loved all these little collections of salvaged items and the little vignettes they've ended up forming.

The haunting image that got itself shortlisted for the Olive Cotton Award 2009.

A small thrill to see my own work sharing the same space with a John Forrester Clack painting.

Work in progress on the side of the house: an organic design made up from plastic container refuse.

photo via.
Garden sculpture!