Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stuck In Bed.

A cloudy grey Sunday afternoon confined to bed. Seems like years since I was up and about taking care of life's minutea, so miserable is this latest enduring infection. But as in all things the best course of action is to focus on the upside (at least for bloggings sake). For example C has taken the last week of the school holidays off work and besides taking over all laundry/cooking/child entertaining has also wired my lap top. This means for the first time ever I can internet away in bed. Anyone who knows me well will understand what a dangerous combination this is - me, the bed, the internet. If not for illness I would have the most competitive Pinterest account known (oh the injustice!) - and that's saying quite a bit. Have discovered for instance there are some pinners busy collecting images of potato chips - and not even the fresh homemade type. Anyway who's to say my obsessions are any better? You can be the judge. Will share (a mere fraction) of my afternoon's labour on Pinterest here, including new favourite illustrator Isabelle Arnault.
Hope you are have a lovely weekend X. 
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Getrealmommy said...

Oh feel better!!

Kylie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon... or not if you'd rather stay there in bed with your internet machine!!! ;) Those pic finds are lovely. Just off to have a peek at you pining now :) Kx

Kylie said...

Sorry... your pinning!!

Shade of Whim/Emmesique said...

Feel better soon!!!! But soak up all the amazing-ness being in bed with a lap top has to offer :)

Minnado said...

I hope by now you are better. I have had trouble accessing your blog recently but think it is due to my ancient pc not to do with the blog itself. Lovethose images, keep well x